Film Review – The Matrix



The A.I. related movie I choose to watch is the 1999 film The Matrix. At a risk of showing my age I remember when this movie came out and how revolutionary some of the special effects and action sequences were.

The movie follows a man named Thomas Anderson, who goes by the alias “Neo”, who discovers he is living within a simulation, known as The Matrix, created by a sentient machines in order to use humans as a power source. He is able to escape this simulation with the help of Trinity and Morpheus and he assists them in resisting the machines inside the Matrix and the real world.

The movie still holds up well nearly 25 years after its theatrical release. It can just as easily be enjoyed as a mindless action movie as it can be as a deep, dystopian, science fiction movie that explores some of the more frightening possibilities of having machine overlords using humans as batteries.


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